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Summer Succulents and Tips for Caring For Them


With summer in full swing I have noticed a lot of cripsy planters on porches (I’m guilty as well), but all the varieties of sedums and succulents are thriving in this heat. While your geraniums turn to dust and the begonias wilt away, take some time to check out how beautiful and full of texture succulent planters can be. Native to dry, arid climates these hearty hoarders of water are made to tolerate our southern heat waves. Before getting your hands in the dirt there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting and growing succulents.


For outdoor containers you want to be sure you are selecting perennial varieties that are able to tolerate our winters. Surprisingly there are many choices out there and you can usually find them in the outdoor, perennial greenhouses at many nurseries. Be sure to inspect the plants for mold, rot and signs of over watering (leaves that are mushy or are falling off). Since succulents are extremely efficient in retaining water in their leaves you want to be sure you are using a pot with excellent drainage. Also, picking a soil that is a sandy mixture with NO water retention ingredients is very important. Succulents are unable to release excess water and tend to rot or drop petals when potted with soil that isn’t able to dry out regularly. These are great plants to use when playing with texture and shape. Mix rounded hens-and-chicks with trailing sedums or upright blooming sedum for a pop of color. You can also make a big impact by mounding all the same type and color of succulent together in a single pot. When planting keep about 2-3″ of gravel in the bottom to help increase drainage as well. Succulents love to be in a sunny spot on the porch and only need to be watered when thoroughly dry; about every 5-7 days in the heat of summer. They also winter over very nicely and are easy to propagate to create new plants.


Indoor succulents can add the perfect natural element to those nooks where you want a lower maintenance pop of greenery, like the bathroom or a coffee table. These are the perfect plants to use for dry terrariums too. You need to be careful when selecting indoor succulents and keep an eye out for signs of rot, falling leaves or mold. Also picking a container with good drainage or being careful with your watering schedule is really important. Like outdoor succulents, indoor succulents thrive in a sandy soil mixture that will not hold excess water. They need a sunny spot in your home, so pick a western or southern facing window to make sure they are getting enough rays! We suggest watering them every 10-14 days with just enough water to moisten the soil. Signs of under watering are usually presented in the form of wrinkled or shriveled leaves. Succulents typically thrive from neglect and do best with little fertilizer.


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Each and every wedding we work on here at Strawberry Fields is a unique opportunity to develop a relationship with our clients. We are able to understand their personality, style and help create the wedding of their dreams that reflect their individual aesthetic. Every so often a couple we know well comes into the shop to sit down and talk flowers for their big day, which is usually centered around a lot of laughing and catching up. When my best friend announced her engagement this past fall I immediately started bombarding her with flower questions, I was excited to help create something beautiful for two people who are like family to me. Knowing their individual style and color palate made the flower selection very easy and the planning process a lot of fun. Both Elizabeth and Jaime are extremely creative and active in curating their beautiful, mid century home, so I thought it would be really special to invite them to the shop to help construct the wedding flowers.


Jaime showed up with coffee in hand, for me of course (they really do know me well), and we got to work creating Elizabeth’s bridal bouquet. We played off the ivory lace from Elizabeth’s dress and used a mix of pastel colored flowers to create a simple, flowing bouquet. The trailing jasmine with its soft pink blooms gave the bouquet an organic and natural shape.

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The following day Elizabeth joined me to make Jaime’s boutonniere. She wanted something simple, but still with a lot of impact. Using a peach ranunculus bloom, locally grown gomphrenea and a deep green galax leaf, Elizabeth was able to craft a stunning boutonniere.


Gather, the venue for the wedding, was the perfect intimate spot to showcase the couples love of antiques and vintage finds. The eclectic vibe of Gather inspired me to use vintage silver containers and natural greenery to accent their farm tables. Soft lighting, lots of books and tons of friends and family made for the perfect setting for this wonderful couple. Elizabeth and Jaime have a love for books, both old and new, and used a collection of varied titles as place card holders and wedding favors.


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The sparkler send off at the end of the evening was the perfect way to end the night and a beautiful start to their life together.


Venue: Gather

Photography: A Lovely Photo

Officiant: EQ Events

Caterer: Laine Meyers

Florist: Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds