To All of Our Covid Brides:


Amidst this heavy rain cloud that lingers over us, we’ve tried to look for every ray of light we can find.

At Strawberry Fields, one bright spot has been creating florals for weddings during Covid-19, on a weekly basis. It’s beautiful to see love win and to see marriages still consistently happening despite the challenges.


When you realize your wedding won’t be all that you had envisioned and planned for over the past year, it’s not fun coming to terms with the reality of it… and especially the details to follow. Whether it’s changing a date, planning a mini ceremony and backyard reception, or just deciding to elope, it takes a lot of extra energy. I can speak to this first hand because I too am a Covid bride.

It was mid-March and I was almost done planning my July 25th wedding at The Market at Grelen when I made the decision to postpone. After weighing our options,  my fiancé and I had decided to still get officially married on our planned date. Our goal is to have our original plan come to fruition in April of 2021.

This past weekend we got married down on the James River with a couple of friends, immediate family, a guitarist and our photographer. We hiked down to our special place on the rocks, had our ceremony officiated by my brother then we cooled off & relaxed in the river. Later, we hiked back up and had a small intimate backyard dinner followed by a living room dance party. I had never imagined feeling so fulfilled with our Plan B.

Photo by Ray Photography

Photo by Ray Photography


What I wish for every Covid bride that has been forced to change plans, is to understand that there is a unique rawness that comes out of this. It’s a difficult task to postpone or simplify what is supposed to be one of the best days of your life, but it’s about how you go about it that gets you back to the roots of what your love really is between you and your partner. Everyone has a unique situation and is doing what’s best for them. All of us at the shop have had such a special experience watching our couples maneuver through this.

One thing that doesn’t have to change is your bridal bouquet. You can still be adorned with your favorite flowers! We’ve had more diversity and uniqueness in flower choices than we’ve ever had for weddings!

We’ve welcomed bridal bouquets in rainbow colors and whimsical styles…



…flower crowns bigger & brighter than we’ve ever made before…


…and wearables galore!


It’s truly been something to look forward to each week and we thank you!

Being a florist and a Covid bride has given me a full view on all of the emotions that encapsulate this unique time for so many couples.

I am not alone in my situation either. Our c0-worker, Robin, is also a Covid bride who is just starting to navigate through a new plan. We’ve shared thoughts, ideas and frustrations. Stay tuned for an update from Robin; she’s handling it like a champ.

We want to help make your day everything you dreamed it would be because you deserve it.  Strawberry Fields will embrace you and your new wedding day plans with all our hearts! Let us know if we can help, and thank you to all of the lovely brides who have trusted us thus far to make their new vision come true. You all have been rock stars! Just remember, love always wins!


-Emily and Team Strawberry