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Our team strives to go above and beyond in all areas of service. Everyone is committed to being friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. We want you to feel welcome and leave with a smile.

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A glimpse inside the shop!

by Cassie H Creates
Photograph by Lindsey Paradiso

Photograph by Lindsey Paradiso

Deanna King

I was born and raised Webster, New York.  My dream of owning a flower shop began in my youth. I have always loved flowers & plants- pretty things!  My experience working at Bauman’s Farm Market & Greenhouse really sparked my passion for floral design. I attended VCU and became a teacher for ten years.  I was given the opportunity to buy Strawberry Fields from the previous owners, who I had actually worked for during the summer. My husband was extremely supportive of this venture and here I am fourteen years later. Having my shop, Strawberry Fields Flowers & Finds, has given me the opportunity to infuse my passion for floral design into the Richmond community & make my dreams come true.


I adore plant life; cacti, succulents, ferns, moss, trees and especially flowers! I graduated from VCU with the intention of becoming a Visual Artist or Urban Designer and stumbled upon Floral Design. Being a florist is the most spectacular job in the world! I love working with life in such a creative way. In my spare time I am an aspiring photographer and traveler. Check out my website if you are in need of a photographer for your next event.  I am so happy to live and work in such an inspiring community like RVA. There is no other place like this in the world!


Photograph by Lindsey Paradiso

Photograph by Lindsey Paradiso
Photograph by Brenna Coady

Photograph by Brenna Coady


I came to Richmond to attend VCU and graduated with an advertising degree. After a year or so in the industry I was still searching for something more. I took a chance and reached out to Deanna to see if she’d have me at Strawberry Fields with no floral experience, and I got lucky! Over the time I’ve been at Strawberry Fields I’ve been able to learn an unimaginable amount about flowers, design and the floral industry in general. I’m absolutely in love with it, it’s a part of me now! I’m a plant lover and nature enthusiast who has always loved creating things, so floristry just clicked. When I’m not making flowers, you can find me at my home studio creating stained glass. I sell on Etsy and here at Strawberry Fields. Pop into the shop and see my works!


I have been with Deanna on and off since 2005 and keep coming back, like the prodigal flower child of Strawberry Fields.  I love Deanna, the work, and the flower family she has grown over the years—Team Strawberry!  I'm happy to be a part of it.

I earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Painting and Printmaking and am finishing up a Master’s degree in Public Health at VCU.  When I'm not doing homework or playing with flowers, I love spending time with my two amazing kids.  In my spare time, I also enjoy photography, printmaking, thrifting and re-purposing things, painting murals and smaller works, gardening, and dancing.

Photograph by Lindsey Paradiso

Photograph by Lindsey Paradiso
Photograph by Brenna Coady

Photograph by Brenna Coady


I came to Strawberry Fields 12 years ago as a local crafter selling my handmade wares under the name Modern June. With a lifetime of creative ventures under my belt, I found myself looking for a new challenge. Now I combined my love of gardening with my design skills to create beautiful arrangements. I find great joy working the Strawberry Fields team and working with the customers in the shop.

At home I keep my gardens growing, both indoors and out. I’m quickly becoming a plant hoarder. I love my ever-expanding stack of flower, garden, and plant guides on my bedside table and the plants that now fill my home. I love learning about the floral industry.

In free time I use my garden, plants, and flower arrangements to inspire my watercolor paintings that are now available as greeting cards in the shop.

Basically, I’m just obsessed with flowers and plants!


I consider myself a natural local when it comes to historic southern cities. I was raised in Williamsburg for most of my adolescence, shortly after graduating I moved down to Wilmington, NC where I was put to work in a flower shop learning the ropes of the floral business, basics of flower care and design, and of course lots of practice on my southern hospitality. When I moved to Richmond about 3 years ago I jumped into the Event Industry where I really honed in on my passion for design. As a believer of things being meant to be, I am happy to be back at my roots here with Deanna at Strawberry Fields. I am a lover of all things floral and fauna, locally made, and antiques. When I'm not playing with flowers you can find me spending time outdoors with my dog and exploring all that Richmond has to offer.

Georgie Girl

Please welcome the newest member to the Strawberry Fields Family! Georgie Girl is an adorable 5 year old cockapoo. She was rescued by the Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue from a shelter in Brooklyn, NY. After her rescue, Georgie Girl spent 8 months with her amazing foster mother in Philadelphia before finding her way to Deanna.  She is such a blessing!!!

Strawberry Fields is Dog Friendly! Please bring your pup in with you for a visit- we have treats too!


In loving memory of our sweet Phoebe who passed away on January 27, 2019. Phoebe was an amazing shop pup that brought so much joy to everyone. We miss her dearly and will never forget her.